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The Student Centers serve as the heart of UIC, where learning, campus life and community building are fostered through programs, opportunities for involvement and engagement, healthy activities, convenient services, sustainable initiatives, and high-quality facilities.



The Student Centers will become nationally recognized by professional associations and colleagues for providing programs, services, facilities, and amenities that support students academically and socially.



Graph of total trash and recycles

The Student Centers serves as the heart for campus activities and student culture. Through implementing sustainable practices and education we can help foster a culture of sustainability that can help to safeguard the longevity of our environment. We have implemented many measures to promote sustainability; including recycling, composting, collecting cooking oil for biofuel production, using certified “green” cleaning products , buying recycled products, water bottle refilling stations, implementing sustainable office practices, installing bike racks and repair stations, installing energy efficient lighting, and many more to come.

Graph of total trash and recycles

The Student Centers has reduced the amount of non-food waste sent to landfills by 160 tons since 2012. Both Student Centers and the Recreation Centers have refillable water bottle stations at the drinking fountains. Student Center East has saved over 260,000 water plastic water bottles alone! The recycling rate has increased from 14% to 29% from 2012.We hope to continue this trend by reducing overall waste weights by 15% and increasing the recycling rate to 40% by July 2016.

Points for prizes can be earned while helping veterans by using the PepsiCo bottle recycling Dream Machine located next to Dunkin Donuts on the second floor of Student Center East. To find out more visit the machine or this site! http://www.greenbiz.com/news/2010/05/04/pepsi-dream-machine-recycling-slam-dunk

If you are a staff member at the Student Centers and do not have a recycling container please email rvega1@uic.edu For more information about recycing at UIC, please visit https://sustainability.uic.edu/campus-resources/recycling-waste-minimization/#HowRecyclingWorksatUIC

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Food Waste
With the addition of the Food to Compost Program, the Student Centers has diverted an additional 463,200 lbs. of food waste from landfills, going to Chicago’s City Farm instead. The dining services also collects cooking oil for biofuel production.

Energy Efficiency
All patrons are encouraged to take advantage of natural light and turn off appliances when not in use. We have also installed automatic dimmers and LED lighting to further reduce our carbon footprint from electricity generation.

Renewable Energy
The campus recreation facility has bikes that generate electrify when you pedal them! Using rerev technology the kinetic energy generated from your workout is converted into a direct current used to power the building! http://rerev.com/howitworks.html

Green Products
Recycled trash liners, floor pads, toilet seat covers, napkins, hand cloths, and toilet paper.Recycled and green cleaning supplies, environmentally friendly soaps and Green Seal Certified floor cleaner

Get Involved!
If you have an idea on how the Student Centers or campus recreation can become more sustainable, please contact Travis Hawks at rvega1@uic.edu

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